Organ Placement Services

TOPS will provide unparalleled services, drawing from our extensive experience in the organ donation and transplant industry

Trinity Organ Placement Services (TOPS) offers on-call organ transplant call coverage to complement your transplant center’s resources and serve as an extension of your core professional team. Our team of clinical experts provide 24/7 coverage, managing services from the initial donor organ offer through recipient transplant and waitlist removal. This level of service allows your in-house staff to remain focused on their daily transplant responsibilities.

Our program provides customized service to meet the needs of your center. This includes an operational structure comprised of a Clinical Coordinator, Team Lead, a Clinical Manager, and a Director. We ensure that your programs are also supported by back-up clinical coordinators who can meet the needs of shifting volumes.

Our staff consists of  experienced professionals currently working in organ placement services with a long-term dedication to the organ donation and transplantation fields. We strive to provide top-notch clinical expertise to service our contracts and adeptly navigate national policy, regulations, and process changes.

We offer flexible scopes of service to accommodate your center’s needs.

TOPS commitment to quality service

    organ placement coordinators
    employee retention
    program workflows and protocols to maintain efficient processes
    data security within each institution‘s systems through our investment in secure technology and software
    patient safety through consistent, reliable service, and ongoing education
    in transplant center operational meetings
    Trinity-based data reporting of transplant center specific metrics
    seamless integration of services when working with TOPS and Trinity Logistics Services.

TOPS full scope of service 

Our service model spans from initial organ offer notification through successful candidate waitlist removal.  Scope of services provided include:

  • Screening all incoming electronic organ offers  
  • Conducting a comprehensive review of deceased donor data with your designated on-call provider 
  • Entering refusal codes for organ offers that do not meet acceptable criteria
  • Entering provisional yes interest codes for organ offers that meet acceptable criteria
  • Monitoring the sequence and rank of active organ offers
  • Notifying the host OPO of organ offer decisions
  • Ensuring all UNet/DonorNet evaluations and responses adhere to regulated time periods
  • Contacting potential transplant recipients to screen for readiness and present organ offers
  • Coordinating virtual crossmatch reviews and donor/recipient samples
  • Facilitating inpatient admission of potential transplant recipients, depending on program workflow
  • Completing required EMR documentation, including donor organ information for pre-transplant verification
  • Coordinating potential recipient pre-op phase
  • Coordinating donor recovery with OPO coordinator
  • Facilitating external contracted staff or device services as needed
  • Managing ground and aviation transportation logistics, including recovery team travel, import organ shipment and arrival, and specimen coordination as deemed appropriate
  • Communicating changes or delays throughout the process
  • Reporting prospective crossmatch results, donor intraoperative data, post-donor recovery anatomy and biopsy results, and organ ETA
  • Providing case-a-go or case cancellation notifications
  • Sending post-transplant staff notifications
  • Removing recipients from the UNet Waitlist according to OPTN policy