Our Company

Established and managed by experienced donation and transplantation professionals

Our singular focus is to increase the number of lifesaving organ transplants for the transplant centers we serve by providing exceptional service.

We understand the industry, the process, and the commitment necessary to assist your team in achieving successful transplant outcomes. Our comprehensive service models are designed to optimize the opportunity to save more lives.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide unwavering dedication to integrity and the highest standards of service, empowering us to be a trusted ally in the pursuit of live-saving transplants for those in need.

Our vision

Our vision is to lead the way as a valuable partner in organ transplantation, creating a world where every organ offer is met with unwavering expertise, and every transplant case is seamlessly coordinated with precision and compassion.

Core values


Innovation is not saying yes to everything. It is actually saying no to the hundred other ideas that there are. We must pick carefully. We promote collaboration across teams and with our partners to allow us to innovate in ways others cannot. We are unafraid to explore ideas and technology that will better our service model and disrupt ourselves. At Trinity we have also shown innovation through creating a business model that looks to accomplish the mission first of improving patient outcomes. Then our focus becomes finding new creative ways to accomplish more requests and difficult challenges with greater success. Improve Evolve, we will never be finished creating a better version of our company Take any training, coaching, or mentoring you receive seriously and use it to make yourself a better employee With constructive criticism, there is always room for improvement in every one of us Come up with great ideas and get them implemented Great ideas not utilized are worthless, we want to see them happen Work smarter – not harder Take personal responsibility to improve the company We will never be finished creating a better version of our company.

Operational excellence

Operational excellence is 100% contract compliance and zero missed missions. We want to become the standard others are measured by We want you to fight to be the best, be an A player Don’t miss the details, reach your full potential We want you to grow and have opportunity to use your diversity to be creative Be confident – we hired you for a reason and we want you to be great Engage and fight to satisfy every partner you interact with Have fun, work with your team, and be mission focused You are empowered to aim for perfection.


Integrity is our hyper vigilant communication. Our forthright and clean accounts receivable processes. Be respectful, selfless and empathetic Don’t cut corners or be untrustworthy. Recognize that collaboration and teamwork are always the best decisions Use compassion in your decision making and think about its impact on others If we can’t trust you, you will be asked to leave Be reliable, helpful and demonstrate great character Lay the foundation for lasting friendships Engage and give back to the community Be your best you, we like you, that’s why we hired you.


Unafraid is the mindset of our amazing people. We are unafraid to take risks, think unique and to help others. Our team will perform fearless. If you have a better way of doing something, inspire your team to follow you – don’t go it alone. Take risks, there are still opportunities through failure Say what needs to be said, always tell the truth Make a decision. Evolve and change. Dream big, take charge. Show yourself to be a leader that others will follow. Solve big problems, inspire your peers to achieve great things. Don’t be afraid to think, laugh, and show emotion – those are good days.


Accountability is our humility to listen first. It is our relentless journey of continuous quality improvement. It is holding our hand up if we make an error and our humility to quickly listen, address it and move the bar up for an even higher level of internal expectation. Treat everyone as a partner. Empower those around you to be better. When someone makes a mistake, ask what you could have done differently to prevent it from happening. Never blame someone else for a problem When you ask someone to do something, always explain why. Create more leaders like yourself, we are going to need them soon. Don’t be counterproductive or indifferent, you will be asked to leave. We help others as well as each other. Accountability also means family comes first, never miss a game.



Meet our team!

Trinity’s Organ Placement Services’ team is comprised of clinical experts who are committed to providing reliable and competent organ placement services.

Our objective is to partner with transplant centers around the United States to maximize the number of organs transplanted.