Going the extra mile to support OPOS and transplant centers in their efforts to save more lives

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Our work to maximize mission planning helps partners overcome challenges associated with transporting organs over long distances. For example, in 2022, our team coordinated two missions, in which livers were recovered in Hawaii for transplant in California. These missions empowered our team to put its logistics know-how to the test to help save lives and reduce the healthcare spend. For each mission, we utilized one crew and aircraft, specifically selected to ensure there were no concerns with range and flight time.

Strategic planning ensured the team flew out with ample time for the pilots to observe their FAA-mandated rest period upon landing, while also enabling the pilots and aircraft to be ready as the recovery team was in the operating room. Every detail was taken care of, down to team and pilot lodging, and the recovered livers, preserved by OCS devices, reached their destinations with optimal time for transplant.

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